The tools used as part of this transnational collaboration are designed to be used both as a learning support but also as a medium to reach out a wide audience on specific issues, chosen together because they are at the heart of what matters to our society.

They are accessible under the trademark Creative Commons. This means that you can continue to contribute to contents and you can share your creations with other members of the CHIC community.

A tatoo to identify myself

Barcelona Workshop

This workshop took place in October 2016 at the University of Design of Barcelona

During 3 days, a team of designers, fab managers, students and education experts created prototypes of « stamping» games around the themes of tattoing and identity.

Describing the theme

From the social concept of the body, to enhancing its capacity thanks to advanced technologies, we are entering both a fascinating and terrifying era where sci-fi is becoming reality. The « cyborgisation » of the world points to issues of a somewhat confusing ideological or religious nature, around identity, performances, economical gains and professional competitiveness. It raises questions on the notions of gender, ethics and the evolution of the social and legal norms.

4 designers, 4 projects

  • Mook - Roma, Italy

    Mook creates and produces objects made with recovered materials, unique pieces born by collecting and assembling materials "dumped by the time".

    The project : Children are encouraged to express their emotions though the use of tattoos, displaying anger, fear, joy, sadness or disgust. They can combine tattoos to express more complex emotions. As it is difficult to print on skin, the project gives the possibility to tatoo on a photograph made on photo-sensitive paper, in a dark room, using a flash

    Icône YoutubeWorkshop of Barcelona 1 - October 2016

  • Reinis ANZIKIS, Liepaja - Latvia

    Young designer of 23 years old. Mostly in charge of developing the design of the website and creating identities for companies in the development studio WEB He is also a freelance graphic designer.

    The project : Create a game which would help restaurants, bars or other organisations to work closely together and to share their visitors.

    Icône PDFReinis Anzikis and his experience in Barcelona.

    Icône YoutubeWorkshop of Barcelona 2 - Octobre 2016

  • Dewi Brunet, Bruxelles - Belgique

    A designer who is passionate about the connections between origami, design, maths, botany, fashion and architecture.

    The project : The reflection was based around the body as support or as a means to express belonging or difference. We worked from the theory that there is a universal language specific to the human body. Technology could help us decrypt that language, which could be trasncribed through the stamps. We applied a scientific method to collate the expression of the body of various participants, mainly that of the people involved in the workshop as well as a few students from the BAU

    Icône YoutubeCHIC Europe Creative

    Workshop of Barcelona

  • Benoit Bonnefrite, France

    Benoît Bonnemaison-Frite (or Bonnefrite, or Bonfrit) traces an unusual pathway in the world of drawing and graphic design. Most of the time, his images find their way to modes of communication, for theatre groups, festivals and cultural programmes.

    The project : Tattoos tell stories, and can be put in touch with one another: Tatouche. Each individual creates their shapes and contributes to the stamp box. Combinations of different stamps are then made possible, and from simple geometrical stamps, other more detailed stamps can be made.

Stamps for better eating

Workshop of Saint-Denis

This workshop tool place at the Point Carré at Saint–Denis in décember 2016.

Describing the theme

How can we give professionals and anybody interested in healthy eating, the tools to effectively engage young people with the important « issues » around their eating habits?

This workshop aims to work on promoting healthy eating in partnership with professionals from different sectors, including education, health and agriculture (craftsmen – seed-sellers)

During 3 days, a team of designers, fab managers, students and education experts created prototypes of « stamping» games around the theme of healthy eating

Icône PDF«Foodtracking».

The project : A barcode is the representation of numerical or alphanumerical data, in the form of a symbol made of bars and spaces, the width of which varies depending on the system of representations and the coding used. There is a barcode that we are familiar with in our daily lives and which is the universal code for products that we find in all shops. However, without a scanner, it is incomprehensible.

How can we imagine a different type of identification to better know a product? Its traceability? Its origins? Its quality?

We tried to create stamps for children in early years with simple signs, to provide information about products and to generate a dialogue on healthy eating.

Formes vives - France

This is a political and utopian workshop with high standards which brings together 3 graphic designers/artists : Nicolas Filloque, Adrien Zammit and Geoffroy Pithon.

This workshop collaborates with associations, activist groups and communities with the ambition of producing shapes which reflect the coherent and fruitful results of their methods.

The project : We have imagined a support for varied workshops and for times to share and to learn around the common topic of vegetables. It is a kit made up of stamps and backdrops (to photocopy). It is designed with the ambition to run three basic workshops: the « seasonal vegetables calendar », the « vegetables and nutrition » and the « map of vegetables ».

Caroline Cereghetti - Belgium

Caroline's blog

Giving a poetic dimension, attentive and perfected by "zooming in" on details with a simple thread : life remains an enigma in the time-space zone defined on earth within a universe of which 99 % remains undiscovered - that much (as a cerebral movement, it is a sort of infinite de-focussing motion on the subject matter)!

The project : It is a kit that looks like a big pan. It is a « stamp soup». What individual foods can you recognise in the bolognese sauce? The child looks in the pan for the right stamp, and can then use it and colour it in… The aim is to deconstruct a well-known dish, to discover the different foods, spices, oils that make up that dish. They can basically follow the recipe backwards. Each stamp corresponds to this, and from there a conversation around food can be had.

Icône YoutubeWorkshop at Saint-Denis in december 2016

Gustavs Lociks - Latvia

Starting from the principle that a lot of people don’t care about eating healthily, Gustavs, a student in Liepaja, has a radical project to offer. Inspired by street art, Gustavs has created a stamp that works as a symbol of protest against an ongoing unhealthy lifestyle. The stamp is small enough to be carried around in a pocket but big enough to be noticed. The basic idea was that this stamp could be secretly introduced in supermarkers and similar institutions, and used to protest against unhealthy choices.

Producing the stamps

This workshop happened in two parts in Brussels (Openfab then MadeInKit ).

The aim was to create a machine to assist with producing the stamps. Various techniques exist to produce stamps but what kind of machine could incorporate all of them?

The technical workshop in March enabled the conception and fabrication of the pantolino.

Workshop of Brussels Openfab

The May workshop allowed for the different uses of the machine to be developed.

Workshop of Brussels MadeInKit

Making our own emoticons

This workshop took place at the Museo dei bambini in Rome between 10th and 12th July 2017. The idea was to enable the children to express their emotions by making stamps. 4 designers took part.

4 designers, 1 project

Maris Dejus, designer from Latvia, explains the workshop

« The theme of the first day was emotions. The children were split up into different groups of emotions, and each group had to create a little performance about how that emotion manifests itself. With other designers, we created templates with geometric shapes so the children could use them to make their emotions more sinister…»

  • Lara Denil, Belgium

    Graphic designer, photographer, Lara is part of the not-for-profit organisation Made in Kit, a creative space located in Schaerbeek. Based on participative graphic design with the objective of creating a spark, encouraging and developing creative and artistic practices, it is a printing service and a creative workshop based on voluntary contributions and DIY, for professionals and individuals

    Lara took part in the design of the pantolino. She also suggested its name, « pantolino ».

  • Mook, Italy
  • Perrine Dorin, France

    Perrine Dorin, multi-disciplinarian graphic designer, creates posters, rugs, children’s books, wooden construction games, silkscreen printing, installations, mobiles… She plays with shapes and colours in geometric compositions with vivid colours. Sometimes, she delves into a black light to give her work an enhanced vision of colours and creates dream-like artificial landscapes. Perrine DORIN lives, works and teaches in Saint-Denis.

    Perrine will introduce her travel book

    These workshops have facilitated the production of the stamps without pantolino.

Two ways of producing stamps :

National symbols for self-identifying

This workshop took place in Liepaja in Latvia for the 3rd anniversary of the New Mediat Art Festival on 17th and 18th of November 2017.

It was conceived and led by Perrine Dorin, following the Rome workshop (aller à l’atelier 4 "fabriquer ses emoticons."

Conceived for primary school-age children and young people, this workshop proposes to use Latvian ethnographic signs and the use of the pantolino, to create printed stamps on cloth bags.

Each Latvian ethnographic sign from national folklore carries a message.

By discovering the message hidden in the signs, children and youngsters will be able to represent their personal history.

As Latvian folklore says, signs will bring strength, harmony, prosperity, health, wisdom etc to its owner.

Icône PDFSpecifications for the workshop

The dual game box set

To make this project accessible to a wide audience and to encourage the use of games, CHIC has chosen to creat a CHIC games collection - Make it together!

Three boxes were designed for that purpose.

First briefcase : « Seasonal stamps »

« Five fruits and vegetables a day» : for a healthy diet, we need to consume fruit and vegetables in large quantities.

But what about the quality ? This box follows the template set by Formes Vives during the St Denis workshop.

Go to the "Stamps for better eating" section

Icône PDFBriefcase technical sheet

Second briefcase : « To the stamps »

The question on identity is an important political and social issue.

The ex-libris, the practice of which goes back to ancient times, is a symbolic mark of an individual representation of identity applied into a book, making the latter unique.

The kit « Stamps on a page» enables children to build (in real terms) an ex-libris which resembles them, and to integrate in that manner an ancient tradition still very much alive.

This box was designed following a meeting between the Tatouch project by designer B.Bonnefrite in Barcelona and the multimedia centres in St Denis (France).

Perrine Dorin designed the game.

Icône PDFRead the presentation of the Exlibris' project, by Perrine Dorin (in french version)

the third box carried the pantolino.